Paintball Autocamp Jinolice

Come play paintball for the 250 Czk per person including 100ks of spheres.

Our playground is right in the famous recreational area Jinolických ponds. We have the area of 5.000 m2. A playground is located on the edge of a mixed forest (about 1/3) and the meadows with artificial obstacles. In our area and shooting range for less than 15 years. Under the supervision of the instructor, it is possible to try the thrill of the game and for the paintballový spawn. Mobile phone: + 420 603 586 376 tel: 42093591935 (reception autocamp Jinolice) email:!

Types of games

DeathBall requirements of the two teams, one referee, peduncles, and a small playground. Preparation of the Teams are located on opposite sides of the course and have a limited number of balls (5 or less, depending on the capabilities of the players). Judge sitting in the middle of the pitch and oversees the game. The rules beyond the start of the game have teams for task get what most players on the opposite side of the field. Contact with players leaves the field, only to pick up the gun above his head and wait for the end of the game. After one minute the referee stops the game and be assigned to each successful players point. Win a team with a larger number of players on the other side WINS.

Center Flag Preparation as well as in Capture the Flag, stand here on the opposite end of the field teams. On the battlefield, only one flag is placed in the middle of the playing area. The objective of the game there are two variations of this game-"push it" and "pull it". For "push it" has a team for the task to get the Center flag into the enemy base. "Pull it" on the contrary to his.

Capture the Flag requirements of Playground, two flags and several players. Instead of the flag can be used, for example, anything with a plastic shopping bag or man. Number of players and the size of the playground is not limited. Preparation of the Two bases with flags placed on opposite sides of the pitch. Before the beginning of the game should the players know where the flag of the enemies. Win a team wins if the discards all players of the enemy team, or bring a foreign flag on its base.